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10 Years
Apr 1, 2009
So when perusing this site you often see people refer to the eggs they get from their backyard flock as free eggs while others say that it's very expensive (but totally worth it) to get the backyard eggs over store bought. Here's how I feel about it. I have received 3 eggs from my girls. Two last night and one about 10 days prior. That first egg is the one that cost me about $1500 or so bucks (maybe more, I'm too scared to actually add it up). However, Eggs 2 and 3 were free! Woohoo!
If you had told me a year ago that I would be happily spending $1500 on ONE egg, I'd laugh in your face, but it was so worth it. Now I'll continue to enjoy my FREE
eggs from here on until I have to buy another bag of feed. Then it's $6.50 for that next egg and free ones until I need to buy a new bag which I've been on the same one for over a month and a half now with 13 chickens and it's still over half full. Thank GOD for free ranging!
Anyway, that's how I justify all this crazy obsession of mine.
How much did YOUR fist egg cost?
Ha Ha... my first egg cost me about $790.00. Not as expensive as your first egg but still pretty pricey, for an egg, but ohhhhh what a feeling!!!
I believe mine first egg cost $300.00
We had alot of scrap lumber around that we made the coop out of. So I only had the cost of the chicks and feed.
I love it!

Now... if I SELL my first $900 egg... then I can get 7 more chickens and make a coop twice as big and sell THEIR first $900 egg... THEN...

Hmm... now I just need a sucker that'll buy a $900 egg.
I don't remember who, but a member on here told this story a long while ago.

He offered free eggs to a family member who kindly said, oh I wouldn't take them for free I would be more than happy to pay you what they are worth. OK he said, that will be $80 a dozen!!
I love it! Yeah, I suppose I shouldn't have spent that much, but I just enjoy them so much. I have 13 at the moment (more due in spring) and have combined 2 purchased dog kennels and one free one for the coop and run giving them ample room to play and run. Then I bought shade cloth and soaker hoses for the hot California sun. Add to that the feeder and waterer that were quickly replaced by a self replenishing 5-gal bucket method, and the 2 heat lamps that were never used
and whatever else I may have bought. Whoo it adds up. I would have done one of those pallet coops but DH wouldn't let me have anything that looked scrapped. Grr. We are going to be building an enclosed coop this winter or spring, another expensive egg after that, but they do bring me such joy! Some people pay around $80 a month for cable, I'll just put that to my chickens who have made it so I can't watch TV, I'm too busy watching them (and enjoying it more)!
I go through a bag of feed a week, so I will be happy if I can sell enough eggs p/week to pay for my feed! I know I'll never re-coop my money I put into the coop/run so just gotta hope they can pay to feed themselves!!!

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