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Free mixed eggs UPDATED one ship date left available.

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by emvickrey, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. emvickrey

    emvickrey ChowDown Silkie Farm

    Mar 5, 2009
    Hornbeak, Tennessee
    I have an excess of eggs and decided to share. They are mixed, the mixes are RIR hens and Blue Orphington roo. This whole pen is all young birds. The RIR's are just starting to lay and the Blue Orphington is new at his job also. He appears to be doing well. I have no idea if these eggs are fertile because I haven't put any in the bator. My bators are full and I have eggs waiting to go in as it is.
    Second pen is EE hens and there was a splash silkie roo in with them till this past friday night. I put an Ameracauna in with them that night. We did the switch a roo that night. Anyway. These eggs could turn out either way. I also have a Production Red hen in this pen. I have yet to have any of her eggs not fertile and her chicks are very pretty.

    I also have Bob White, Jumbo Brown and Manchuren Quail eggs that I have excess of. I would like to sell these eggs. I'm asking $15 for them all. I have more Cortunix eggs than Bob Whites because they are about to stop laying for the season. Somebody needs to get these very soon or i'll have to toss them. Right now (9/22) I have 61 total quail eggs with 17 of those being Bob Whites. If you just want the quail eggs the shipping will be $10.85 with a total cost of 20.85

    My deal on the chicken eggs is I gather what I can for 3 days and send what I get. I will mark on the eggs who they came from and the date gathered. They will be wrapped individually in bubble wrap. They are all usually done laying by 6 pm. I started saving yesterday and I have 10 eggs already. So you will get more than a dozen chicken eggs for free. Just pay shipping.
    Please don't click on the buy it now button, Just PM me. I will be doing this for 2 weeks for free except for the quail eggs. Those of course i'm asking a price.

    The EE's are laying olive eggs mostly but I get the occasional blue egg. That could be a good thing since there is an Ameracauna roo in with them now. The Production Red lays a very large brown egg and the RIR's are medium in size right now because they just started laying and the color varies from medium brown to a dark brown.

    The EE/S eggs I hatched out this summer, all the chicks had black skin and varied on the number of toes. They all had silkied feathers along with smooth ones and the crest. If you get any chicks with out the silkie traits you have either an EE or Ameracauna. If you would when they hatch, please send me pics. I would love to see how these turn out since I switched the roo and the RIR's are mixed with the BO. That should be interesting. May have a large RIR or who knows. I'm just curious. I won't be hatching out any for a while. I'm concentrating on Quail eggs. Trying to fill my freezer.

    UPDATE: The first box of eggs totaled 16 eggs with the last egg being a blue one. I still have 1 available mailing date for the chicken eggs that is 10/4. If you pay your shipping you get next in line for the chicken eggs. Quail eggs are still up for grabs.
    PM me first to make sure all dates haven't been taken up. My paypal addy is [email protected]

    Thanks for looking
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2010

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