FREE - Olive Egger Rooster & Naked Neck Rooster - Ontario, Canada


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6 Years
Jun 7, 2013
Hagersville, Ontario, Canada
I have 2 gorgeous young roosters who are looking for a new home. 1 naked neck, 1 olive egger. They're 4 1/2 months old and friendly. I don't have enough hens for them so someone please take them off my hands before chicken math strikes again!

Free. Located in Hagersville, Ontario, Canada.
Unfortunately, we can't take them, but I do have some tips for helping you send them to a good home-
1. Advertise widely (vets offices, farms, telephone poles, etc.)
2. See if you have any friends who want them, or local farms who will take them.
3. If you have to, take them to a shelter, but make that the last resort.

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