free range


9 Years
Sep 10, 2010
I see that alot of people free range.I would love to, but I have 3 dog next to me on my 100X100 lot in which my house is in the middle of,the two houses a separated by a 4ft fence.I The girls have a 10x10 run which is completely enclosed.I've let them out for a little while i'm out. but get nervous that they will fly over the fence. am I correct to feel that way or am I being an overly protective chicken MOM.
My birds have no problem flying up on the top of the awnings and carport. Some have even flown up on the roof, so yep I would be uncomfortable with it.
Since you have 3 dogs next door to you, I absolutely say you are correct to worry. A 4 foot tall fence is not too high for chickens and may not be too tall for a lot of dogs! Better safe than sorry, unless you are ok with some losses. I free range mine, but I don't have dogs right next door that run free all the time. I do have a neighbor that has 2 dogs that are fenced in a nice large pen that is far enough away from my house that the dogs cant see into my yard. Since they can't see the chickens I don't worry too much. I know it is possible that they could get out and come down to my house and get after my chickens, but I am willing to run the risk since I primarily got chickens to help with tick control. If they are always in the run they can't do what I originally bought them for. So far I have had no losses. Hope I didn't just jinx myself...
Although they can hop a fence, they are likely to stay around thier coop then fly over. The more you leave them out, the farther away they wonder. I would let them out an hour before dawn, that way if they start to wonder away they will come right back to roost for the night.
You can always clip one wing on each bird to keep them from going over the fence. I would be worried about the dogs coming over your way too. I would stay out there with them while they are freeranging.
You mean an hour before dusk.
I've got a couple that prefer to roost in a tree, about 20 ft up. those 2 don't free range much...i've had them penned for about the last month or so, to see if i can break them of it. we'll see this wkend when i let them free-range. I'm hoping they'll return to the coop by them selves, like the rest do, right before dusk.

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