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Jul 15, 2014
NB Canada
My flock is completely free range day and night they had an old hutch they used when I first got them but they wanted to go to bed so much later than I do I gave up locking them in. They now roost on our hay bales or some gates we have inside an open barn.I have a broody bantam phoenix sitting on 4 bantam eggs and 4 buff orpington eggs (her decision I didn't find her until a couple days after she started). When the chicks arrive they will not be able to get up to roost for quite some time what would you suggest I do? It is also going to be getting cold soon and the hens live in an open barn is that going to be warm enough? I'm in NB Canada.


5 Years
Jul 14, 2014
Central British Columbia
I'd try moving her personally. Pretty sure it will be too cold soon for chicks....
With my rouge broody I waited until the chicks hatch and moved every one to a better spot when the babies where dry and fluffy.
I had a late broody and her clutch in the house last year( late September in norther BC good and cold) and didn't put them out until the baby feathered out really well. Any way that's my take on it.

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