Free range heart attack...

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by StruckBy, Jan 31, 2014.

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    I had to keep everyone locked in an outdoor pen for a few weeks to home-in some new birds. The pen is about 60' diameter & encloses the ducks' pond as well. I've been leaving the gate open for weeks & for some reason even the old birds weren't venturing very far out (they have 7 acres they can roam on). I've been trying to lure them with their kitchen scraps & scratch grain with little success. This afternoon, I come home from work and not a hen is to be found. I search all over, the whole time remembering that my rottie was (very uncharacteristically) barking his head off for a good bit last night while the ducks were also making a racket. I checked at the time, but everything seemed normal.

    30 minutes of searching, becoming absolutely convinced something ate my birds & I finally find them all peacefully sleeping under an unused building on the opposite side of the property. [​IMG] Once I woke them up, they cheerfully went back to foraging, eventually ending up back at their normal area to investigate the scraps I'd given the ducks. Best I can figure out, my original sebright hen decided she'd had enough of the staying close to the feeder business and took off (she's quite adventurous & her son even more so), and the rest of the chickens decided to follow.

    Dang birds!! [​IMG] After that much stress on my part, the feed consumption better go down this week!
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    That would seriously freak me out also! Especially with the dog barking, and no feathers/blood or anything...I'd be looking for the Men In Black, wondering where the aliens were that liked chicken dinner...[​IMG]

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