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    May 22, 2010
    I have a 10x40 yard free range that I have kept meat birds chickens in every summer.
    I tilled and planted alfalfa and clover 5 years ago.
    Now it is 50% grass, 25% clover, 25% various wild meadow weeds.
    I can raise 25 Grazers (Freedom Rangers) and they do well without destroying the habitat

    I want to try ducks.
    Thinking about 10 Pekin ducks.
    Is this 10x35 yards enough territory for them to graze without destroying all the vegetation?
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    I think ten would be the upper limit, if not less. Pekins are really rough on a yard with their size and the amount of waste they cause. If you were going with all pekin, I would probably do 6-8, but if we are talking about smaller, less destructive breeds, you could probably get away with 10. But then I probably overestimate how much damage ducks cause to a yard because I am overly cautious. I'm currently in a similar situation with trying to decide how many birds my backyard can sustain. I have way too many :(

    Your yard is 10 yards x 35 yards. Three feet in a yard, so it's 30ft x 105ft. That means your yard is 3,150 square feet. An acre is 43,560 square feet, so you have 7.2% of an acre for your yard. I personally think that you might be alright with ten ducks, depending on the breed. If you are really worried about vegetation destruction, maybe start with less and think about adding on later if all goes well.
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