Free range quail?

B. Saffles Farms :

They will wonder off. Quail are alot different than chickens. You will need to have them confined to keep the from leaving.

I think this is true, but on the other hand during a very severe storm last month my quail hutch went rolling down the pasture, I thought I had lost quite a few. After several days they started appearing by the coop and we would just reach down and pick them up got about 10 back, go figure.

They had formed a covey and were returning to their friends' calls. That is a good way to get released birds to enter a cage.
If you allow your quail to free-range, you will have some very happy predators in your area. Quail are dumb, and are very easy prey. They might come back, but why risk it?
You can take that to the bank, This guy is a Quail Ninja LOL.


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