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9 Years
Jun 3, 2013
North Alabama
I let my chickens out onto an acre lot every day, all day. I'm in northern Alabama, and right now it's 27 degrees F, so frost on the ground. If they free range all day, and I provide feed for them, should I just fill the feeders and let them eat at will or should I put in a set amount of feed and let them hunt for the rest? They spill an awful lot out of the feeder and I'm not able to make my own no-waste feeder right now. I've been putting out feed freely, but sure do go thru a lot of it. They have trees and bushes with leaves under them, so I"m sure they get bugs even at this time of year and the bushes have berries and there's other vegetation, so I'm sure they'd survive even without feed, but I'd like to save some money if possible.


5 Years
Jan 29, 2014
Eastern Shore MD
You can put something under the feeder to catch any feed that falls or wet the feed when you are about to feed them that is if you feed in a bowl, that will prevent the feed from scattering.

The best thing to do though since they free range is to feed them once in the morning and again in the afternoon right before they go back in to roost. I sometimes do this in early spring and fall.

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