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    Quote:What's a GS Guiana?

    I had a tiny little banty hen, she probably weighed about 8 ounces. Chase my 18 lb Maine Coon cat right up the walls of the coop. He was just following me around, not interested in the chickens at all, but she had a clutch of new babies. She wasn't taking any chances. Her name was "Mean Little Chicken".
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    Here is what I have. I used to use netting but now I use chicken wire. I do move my coop, run and my range area from time to time. This is an old picture. They were getting in my garden and tearing everything up. Actually this is an area where part of my garden used to be. I kept moving the coop, run and range area and let them dig this area up. You can kind of tell by the photo. I will plant here again.


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