free ranging seperate flocks


Green Eggs and Hamlet
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Jul 7, 2007
Middle TN
I am about to seperate my bantums from my standards so that each roo has his own set of girls and the standard roo will quit making out with the poor little bantum pullets.

Free ranging is my big issue. They only get to free range when I am home from work. If I have two distinct flocks will they be able to free range together or will I have to have seperate range times for each group? If they are free ranging together will the standard boy still get to the bantum girls?
Right now the roosters get along. If they are living seperated by wire will they still get along when out? Will each rooster protect "his" girls from the other roo?

I haven't originally planned to have seperate flocks, but then again I didn't originally plan on having any roos. Two chicks just happened to turn into boys!

Thanks for the help!

Hangin Wit My Peeps
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Apr 20, 2008
Birnamwood, Wisconsin
Chickens are so much nicer to each other when they free range. I would possibly remove the big roo while free ranging and keep him in a cage for the bantams's safety. Than let everyone else hang together. They should be ok if they have a big enough area to roam in. If you let the big roo out he WILL try mating with the little ones even while free ranging.


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Jun 9, 2008
Washington State
I have 4 seperate coops and 2 get out at a time. If my bantams are out then the chick (Well, they are 3 months old now) get to come out. If my laying hens and americana roo get out, the bantams stay in. The take turns. I rotate ever other day.

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