Free Ranging?

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    Sep 11, 2013
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    Any tips for when you let your chickens free range for the first time?

    Appropriate age?

    How to tell if they'll run or not? On my property there is a tree nursery and then fields behind my house, and then a 4 lane road and more fields in front of the house- just so you have a picture.

    How many to let out at a time? (I have 19 total)

    Please reply in my other thread:
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    If your property is not fenced, they will go onto others' property -- and it is your responsibility to keep them on your property. An electric fence is often the least expensive way to do this. If they are accustomed to rosting and laying in their coop, they will likely return there at dusk. Also, if you repeatedly call them and give a small treat, they get used to the call as meaning they will get a treat, and they will come to your call. But you can't prevent their wandering a good distance without a fence. When mine free ranged, they preferred the woods behind my property to the road which is in front, or I'd probably have had a problem with their going in the road as well. They wandered at least 500' from their coop, possibly much further. They have a large fenced yard now, about 1400 sq ft or so.
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    May 13, 2012
    Mine stay on my property. They only left when the neighbor (about 200ish feet away) threw a bag of feed out on their driveway. We have 7 acres, which might make a difference.
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