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Nov 6, 2010
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My landlord who was formerly okay with the chickens has now gone crazy and insisted I get rid of most of my flock
I've got to get rid of 11, and I'll be happy to give them away to a good home. Some or all. They're all very docile and hand raised, and just LOVE people. I'm giving away

6 Holland Roosters(All sweethearts, great lap chickens)

1 Black Polish Hen(Curious as they come, very friendly and social with every bird, especially the sparrows and bluejays in the yard)

1 Dun hen, unsure of breed(First layer in her brood)

1 White hen, unsure of breed(She's got a cute face with puffy 'mutton chops')

1 Black hen, unsure of breed(Very raptorlike face, medium bodied)

1 White Delaware

..they were all born in October, and I'd prefer giving them to folks in the Maryland area, but if you'd like any, I'll be happy to ship them to you if you pay shipping(Listed as 0, but it depends on your region). If you'd like pictures just let me know. Send me an email at: [email protected]

The sooner the better, as I have until the 31st to get rid of them
None of them are done growing yet, and I'd prefer them to go to family homes where they won't be foodified since they're all very friendly(And pretty much housepets).
I'm in Southwest Carroll and my wife might be interested in the polish. Where are you located. Is the Delaware a rooster or a hen?
We have quite a managreie here, Quail 2 knids, peas, pheasants2 kinds, five kinds of chickens plus the five egg providers.
Im sorry you have to give them away,I hope they find good homes and i hope you find a better place to live...
I would most glady take 2 of your hens if they are still available. I live in the baltimore county area; I have a small flock of was 7, but i had a fox get 2 of my rir girls. My roo has been lonely ever since. My birds are free ranged and spoiled with treats- I promise you they will have a very good home.
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