Free STUNNING rooster


7 Years
Aug 7, 2012
Ipswich, MA
Charlie is a year and a half year old rooster that needs a new home. He is a fantastic rooster - generous to his hens, very protective, incredibly diligent about keeping everyone in line. He was adopted as a hen and was a bit of a surprise! He has been with us for a year now, but the neighbors are growing weary (we live in the middle of town). He is quite protective and, as a result, the dog no longer enjoys playing in the yard with him. He needs a bigger home more suitable for his type. Any interest or possible connections, please give a shout!



In the Brooder
Sep 25, 2016
Can he be shipped? In Ft. Lauderdale. would not be eaten, I am an animal rescuer/vegetarian. My last rooster was killed by incompetent bird vet two weeks ago. Heartbroken. He was a rescue I found abandoned starving and full of mites three years ago. Got him fixed him and he thrived. These birds are smart as dogs if you give them a chance. Lost him to a sociopathic bird vet who did not know how to properly administer anesthesia to this type of bird. Long story. So, looking to rescue another one. Once you have a relationship with one of these guys, its hard to be without one!


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