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6 Years
Jun 23, 2015
This year a large number of our hens went broody and hatched out multiple chicks. Healthy, handsome, and growing fast, the only reason they need new homes is that we can only have around 40 come winter and we currently have around 80.

We do not ship because of issues with the cost and legality, but we are willing to meet people up to 2 hours away from Marysville, Ohio. We will also meet half-way, so up to 4 hours in this case.

Feel free to select one or more of the chickens listed below, you don't have to get all of them.
Please only inquire about them if interested, I've had too many chickens get claimed but never picked-up.
The pictures may not be the best quality, but I had to make sure I was getting one of each of the roosters, and many of them look alike. I took these at night, while they were on their perches.

Thank you so much. : )

The rooster in the back of this picture is Wally. He is around 2 months of age. He is a Dalmatian bantam, a breed I am creating, which is a mix between Sebrights, Silkies and OEGBs.

This is a silkie mix rooster, medium in size (between standard and bantam). His name is Sparrow and he is around 12 weeks of age. His brother looks just like him but is white and is named Ori. He too is a silkie mix and is getting pretty large.

This is one of a number of Buff Brahma mix roosters. I have around five or so that I know of currently including: Rosemary, Tyme, Nestor (crested), and Starfire.

A splash bantam cochin, this rooster is Tiger. He is around 2 months of age and is from Cackle Hatchery. He is siblings with Pool.

Two more dalmatian roosters in the back. Both around 2 months of age. One is muffed and the other crested. Both are white with black spotting and light skin color (the girls tend to have the dark skin color, as you can see in this picture).

Another Buff Brahma mix rooster. Their father was a pure buff Brahma and these two had a Silver Spangled Hamburg for a mother.

Dastan is a 1-year-old Dalmatian rooster. He has no black spots but is the father of many of the black spotted chicks above. He is very gentle with hens and chicks alike and protective as well, keeping the teen roosters away from hens so they don't get over-bred. He follows them around outside and watches for hawks and is a great guy. I just can't keep him because he will breed with his daughters otherwise.

A Splash/blue Rosecomb Bantam (pure) from Cackle hatchery. He is around 2 months of age. His name is Rivera.

My only hens currently available, this Silver Spangled Hamburg is Dusty. She is a healthy, friendly chicken that is around 2 years of age and still laying. She went broody once and was a great mother and is a good forager and does well in the winter and summer. However, she has a bad habit of killing other hens chicks, even once they are a few months old, and so cannot be kept on a farm with chicks.

I'm giving away Sedgie my Grey Dorking hen with her because two hens do better then one. Sedgie is about 1-year-old and is laying well and healthy. Her short legs make running from predators and getting up onto a perch slightly more difficult, but she is very beautiful and was hand-raised. Both are from McMurray hatchery.

10 Dalmatian bantam mix chicks, around half of them are boys: Daughtry, Frodo, Anakin, and Nori. Some have muffs, others don't. All the boys have light skin and almost all of them have some form of paint patterning.

Kori is a silkie mix chick rooster, around 2 months of age, he is the only remaining sibling of three that were attacked by another hen. He healed all the way and is doing well, hanging out with the other chicks for company.

A Blue bantam Cochin rooster that came from Cackle hatchery. He is around 2 months of age. His name is Pool and he is siblings with Tiger.

Midus, a Dalmatian bantam chick raised with some bantam and some standard chicks. He is around 2 months of age and has a rose-comb and a small crest.

Rivera's brother, a Splash/Blue Rosecomb bantam that is around 2 months of age. His name is Blue Beetle and he is from Cackle hatchery (the one in the middle). The chicken on the right is a full-grown bantam hen for size comparison.
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Dusty, Sedgie and Chiefess: One 3 year-old hen and two 1 year-old hens. Dusty is a Silver Spangled Hamburg, Sedgie is a Grey Dorking and Chiefess is a Silver Laced Wyadotte. All of them are healthy and good layers. They would do best together, since single hens don't introduce well into flocks.

Dastan: A white silkie mix (dalmatian) rooster that is nearing two years of age.
Rain: Born on Christmas, Rain is a Black Silkie mix rooster (he looks pure silkie) with some silvering in his feathers.
Spock: almost a year old, Spock is a Silver Sebright rooster from McMurray.

Ori: White silkie mix that is between standard and bantam. A rooster. Around 4 months old.
Sparrow: Ori's brother. Columbian black and white. Crested and slightly smaller then Ori. 4 month old rooster.

Nestor, Starfire, Rosemary, Tyme, and Sage: all around 2 months old. Buff Brahma mix roosters. All of them red/gold and black in color. One (Nestor) has a crest.

Tiger and Pool: 2 month old bantam blue/splash cochin roosters from Cackle hatchery.
Rivera and Blue Beetle: 2 month old rosecomb bantam blue/splash roosters from Cackle hatchery.

Camp, Frankie, Wally, Midus, Nori, Daughtry, and Anakin: Dalmatian mix roosters, around 2 months of age. All of them are white, most have some amount of black paint patterning on them. Some have dark leg skin, others have pink. Some may have crests, others muffs. All of them are bantam in size and all have some silkie in their genetics.

Kori: White silkie mix. No crest but silkied feathers. Around 2 months old. Rooster.
Starfire, Rosemary, Sage, Tyme, Camp, Kori, Frankie, Midus, Blue Beetle, Pool, Rivera, Tiger, Wally, Nori, Daughtry, Snow and Anakin are still available, as well as Rain, Spock, and Rory.

We are having a predator problem and we lost a few of the roosters, so I'm hoping to get them to new homes before this happens any further.
Koren, a 2 month old silkie mix bantam rooster.

Pool, a blue/splash cochin bantam rooster, about 2 months old, from cackle hatchery.

Tiger the Splash cochin bantam and one of the two Splash Rosecomb bantams (Rivera and Blue Beetle), all three of them are roosters from Cackle Hatchery and around 2 months old.

StarFire, Sage and Tyme are Buff Brahma mix roosters, around 2 months of age. Sage and Tyme are part Silver Spangled Hamburg. I'm unsure of StarFire's mother's breed.

Midus, a Dalmatian bantam rooster with a crest and feathered feet. He has some paint spotting on his back and the typical lighter skin of the Dalmatian roosters.

Spock, a pure Silver Sebright rooster from McMurray hatchery. He is nearing a year of age and very healthy.

Frankie, a nearly white Dalmatian rooster with muffs and feathered feet but no crest. He was raised with Starfire and is around 2 months of age.

It's hard to get a good picture of the four Dalmatian roosters from Eve's clutch. Their names are Frodo, Daughtry, Snow and Anakin. All of them are long and slim with lighter colored legs, rose combs (or at least not single ones) and paint genes (though I believe one or two may be mostly white). They do not have crests and take more after the OEGB side of the family.

Ori, Sparrow, Rosemary and Nocturne were taken by a coyote a couple days ago. Sapphire turned out to be a pullet and I am still waiting to see if Nestor, Finn, Shaw and Gardener are pullets.

These are very good roosters for a young flock that needs a single or duo of guardians and to produce fertile eggs. If they stay much longer here they will get stressed from the amount of adult roosters around them.

Thank you. : )
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Do you still have the 10 Dalmatian chickens if so I am interested in them

Yes, I do. : )

I'm keeping 4 of the hens and have found a home for the 2 other hens. However, I still have the four roosters if you are interested.

Thank you so much!
Still available:::

Koren: silkie mix rooster. White, light skin, no crest. About 10 weeks old.
Frodo: dalmatian rooster. Paint color. No crest. About 10 weeks old.
Nori: dalmatian rooster. Paint color. No crest. About 10 weeks old.
Daughtry: dalmatian rooster. Paint color; no crest. About 10 weeks old.
Frankie: white bantam rooster. Dalmatian mix; muffs but no crest. About 10 weeks old.
Sage: buff brahma mix roo. About 10 weeks old.
Tyme: buff brahma mix roo. About 10 weeks old.
Gardener: crested buff brahma mix roo. About 10 weeks old.
Rory: buff brahma mix roo (blue instead of black tail and hackle feathers). About 6 months old.
Spock: silver sebright roo. From McMurray. About 1 year old.
Rain: black silkie mix rooster (looks like a pure silkie but without leg feathering). About 8 months old.
Rivera: splash rosecomb bantam roo. From Cackle hatchery. About 10 weeks old.
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Currently Available: Sage, Tyme, Spock, Rain, Rory, Honesty, Fitz, Ward, Midus, Nestor, Gardener, Koren, Rivera, Frodo, Daughtry, and Nori.

Midus is a 10 week-old Dalmatian rooster. He doesn't have much paint patterning (hints why I chose his brother over him) but he is handsome, healthy, and has a nice crest and feathered legs.

Sage and Tyme are very similar looking. Both are around 10 weeks old and are Buff Brahma x Silver Spangled Hamburg roosters. They have very handsome plumage.

Rain (okay, the back of his head, he didn't pose well) is a Black silkie born to a Dalmatian hen and a Blue Silkie Rooster. He has little feathering on his legs but is otherwise exactly like his father in shape, behavior and his dark skin. He is healthy and very determined to win over the ladies, but currently he is mostly just chasing the same ones all day and night and trying to win over their chicks by showing them where the food is (over and over again). I can't help but give him credit for trying. He's got a lot of character. : )

Koren is a Silkie mix. Pure white with light/grey skin, He has no crest, which allows him to more easily spot predators and so forage better.

Not sure if this is Kord or Rivera, but I'm giving up one of my Splash Rosecomb roosters because I don't need two. Rivera is around 10 weeks old and is friendly. He is actually pretty bonded to the standard chickens as well as the banties. He is also very handsome.

Spock is a 1 year-old pure Silver Sebright rooster from McMurray. He doesn't get along well with my Standard Rooster, which is why he would do well in a flock of his own. However, once I get rid of a few of these roosters, he may be more comfortable.

This here is one of my two crested birds. I can't tell if Nestor is a hen or not, but I'm starting think both "she" and Gardener are roos. Both are Buff Brahma mixes with crests.

Rory is a Buff Brahma x Blue-laced Red Wyandotte mix. He has blue lacing on his chest, blue instead of black tail and hackle feathers and handsome autumn gold and orange wing and back feathers. He is about 5 months old.

Fitz or Ward, it can be hard to tell the two apart. This little Dalmatian bantam does not have the proper crest, shape, or size for my breeding purposes. I can't keep either brother. They have recently been "weaned" from their mother.

A mix of young Dalmatian roosters. The one in the center is just one of three Dalmatian Roos born to Eve. Daughtry, Frodo and Nori, they are around 10 weeks old and have no feathers on their feet or crests but do have the Paint pattern.

Honesty is a white Dalmatian bantam with out a crest but feathered feet. He has a purple comb and dark skin and is very handsome.
Are you still looking for homes for your birds?...if so, what do you still have and how old are they. We live in Marietta Ohio.
Are you still looking for homes for your birds?...if so, what do you still have and how old are they. We live in Marietta Ohio.

Thank you for responding. : )

We still have a good number of roosters (no hens or pullets right now). We got rid of three of the standard roosters but we still have two of them as well as 10 bantam roosters that still need homes. Koren (not sure if it is a rooster or hen currently), Daughtry, Frodo, Nori, Ward, Fitz, Honesty, Jax, and Rivera as well as Rory and Nestor the standard roosters.

If you only want a few that's fine too. Just let me know (you can PM me). Thanks again!

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