freedom ranger starting to lay


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Jul 23, 2011
A very interesting week. In an effort to protect my girls from Irene I made a pen in the cellar for Sat. night /Sunday. When I went to check on them and bring a treat Sunday morning I was the one that got the treat. My first egg .I believe it was from Lucky the survivor from my 51 freedom rangers (the other 50 are at freezer camp in my cellar). She took Monday and tuesday off but got one yesterday and another today. The first two were small but today's is almost store size. This is very cool. The other 4 girls are just coming up on 16 weeks is it OK to put oyster shell into the group feed?


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Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
It's okay, but what I've found to be easier and have less waste is to offer the oyster shell in a different container than their food. I use small rabbit feeders that are attached to the wall of the coop. The hens and pullets that need the calcium boost will help themselves.

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