Freedom Rangers 16-18 week dressed weights?

26wk butcher, live weights 8, three at 8.5, and one at 9.3#. I don't have the carcass weights at hand but will add those later.
Freedom rangers, cockerels. I restricted feed because I'm using the pullets for breeding experiment and didn't want health problems. They are quite healthy. The cockerels were very active and were breeding. I don't have them separated but I'm getting eggs and believe many from the FRs.

With my experience this year I can see very easily raising them to heavier weight and longer than the suggested time. Mine were treated the same as the rest, non meat birds. Given space to exercise and limiting feed they are very healthy. I also think if penned and fed heavily they would probably raise out much like a Cx.

This is really my first serious go with chickens so limited experience but the 25wk old cockerels (buff orp, bar rock, Delaware,...) They weren't tough. I don't expect these last FR to be tough either.
Freedom rangers-
26wk butcher live weights:
8, three at 8.5, and one at 9.3#.

Carcass weights (no organs, no neck, in shrink bag) :
5# 8.9oz, 6# 7.2oz, 6# 3oz, 6# 3.7oz, 7# 1.5oz.

For comparison, same age, butchered at the same time, raised the same, same pen... One each Barred rock, buff orp, Delaware. Carcass weights 3# 8.2oz, 2# 12oz, 2# 8.5oz. They were significantly smaller and less meat to them.

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