Freedom rangers?


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"Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote"

As much as I can't advocate an illegal act . . .

The SOBs that decided this would be illegal do so with dirty hands. I'm just say'n, we could "eventually" get you eggs you could hatch that would be genetically "similar" to the FR. I think you'd be pleased.
We are rebels of a sort around here. You just may enjoy our website.

Can't argue with the dirty hands comment. Have seen and experienced it personally.
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From our local feed store we can order our meat chicks, turkeys and pol hens etc. They offer cornish X and their version of the FR's, which they call the heavy red.

I've raised these for two years and do like them, however there isn't much of a comparison between the cornish and the reds. I have to feed them for approx. 2-4 more weeks then the cornish! Next order will be the cornish. Or all turkeys.

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