10 Years
Mar 15, 2009
south dartmouth ma
I finally got the guts to let them out today.All in all it went well I didn't think they would go back in but
they did all on their own.It was fun watching them explore their new world.
Isn't that such a beautiful sight to see them running around and scratching around in the yard.

Congrats on letting them out!

I know they love you for that.
I'm from Leominster. Isn't it nice to see the ground once again after all of the snow we've had. Be careful, I can't let my chickens free range without me being right there. I've had 2 hawk attacks. The chicken lived and is happy & healthy & best of all, laying eggs daily!
Mine all huddle around the door like they're waiting for me to come & let them out. Geez, you'd think they'd know the routine by one comes out until all the eggs are laid!
Ya it is nice to see the ground again I thought i was gonna hafta shovel off my garden to plant this year.
The hawks are the reason I have waited so long to freerange. But like you said I will only let them out when I'm with them.
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