Freezing Chicken Water in Northern NY


8 Years
Sep 7, 2011
The chickens water in there run is always getting frozen and they rarely come out side due to freezing temps and blowing snow. I have tried putting the water in there coop, but it gets alot of wood chips (bedding) and poo in it. I have raised it 3 inches from the ground but it stills gets the waste in it. Any solutions!
Get it up to the height of their backs, I put it on stacks of bricks. It may still get a few chips in it but little poo.

I switch some flocks to a huge dog bowl or small rubber hog feeder with a bird bath heater in it.
i have a heated red brooder light, above there roosts. it works fine, and their egg production is great!

You know you don't need heat in your coop. I would probably invest in an electric water vs heating the coop. It will cost you a lot of money heating your coop. My first year I heated my 2 coops and my electric bill went up to over 500$ a month. The birds can handle colder temps then you may think. If you lose power due to a winter storm you can set your birds up to be sick or die. I thought for the longest time they needed heat. But now all my birds, even babies don't have heat and they are doing fine. ( my chicks are the youngest 10 weeks up to 3 years) My birds are still free ranging, in the weather we've been having here in Ohio.
I am just outside of Syracuse,NY and I've had to put my waterer on a cinder block to keep the shavings and poo out .I also have an extra and keep it in the house to switch out every morning .Also there is no heat in the coop,just a bunch of roasty toasty birdies covered in the same down that I have to pay good money for ( winter coat) lol.
I live on the NY and PA border. It's been frigid here. My coop is small and heated with a 250 watt red heat lamp yet the water in the coop still freezes. And it also gets full of junk. So I went to agway and got a 3 gallon heated water for the run. Been working like a charm!!!
I live in northern Minnesota.We have electric in the coop but we don't heat it .Its insulated but we do have electric heated water .You risk burning down your coop with heat lamps.Think of all the birds that live outside. Chickens don't need heat they'll be just fine .Pine shavings on the floor works best.Keeps the coop dry .

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