freezing chickens


Dec 1, 2015
Hi Im new to this group and I have a question I live in North Dakota we get really cold here in the winter sometime down to -30 I was trying to hatch my own chicks this past fall and I ended up with only 2 I do have a chicken coop for them but it is a bigger one and I am wondering if I need more chickens in the coop to keep them warm or will it be warm enough for them with just 2 chickens
Welcome to BYC. Glad you decided to join our flock. X2 on Free Feather's questions. Are the breeds you have cold hardy breeds? You need to make certain that your coop is draft free, dry, and well ventilated to prevent moisture from building up inside of it. Feathers are wonderful insulators and moisture is a much greater danger than cold. Of course more chickens would certainly help as well as they could huddle together and provide more body heat for each other. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. We are here to help in any way we can. Cheers.

Thanks for joining us!
my coop is a 12x12 building that is split in half it is a very old coop so I would say the side they would be in would be a 7x12 space.
Im not sure how I would say the ventilation is it is not insulated but its also not drafty is has a couple of windows up high that aren't in the best condition so im sure they are not air tight at all.
the roost is about four or five boards that are all connected and it leans up against the wall
here is what my chicken coop kinda looks like they would be locked in the back part where the windows are up high
and this is what my roost kinda looks like but not in that good of shape because it is old lol
im not sure if they are cold hardy I think they are but they are a cross with my moms laying hens and some roosters that she has one is black and the other is gray and white but they both came from white eggs haha so not sure what they are
As long as they are dry, with lots of ventilation (but not a windy draft blowing directly on them), and have a comfortable roost, they should be fine. This site has lots of information on ventilation you can look up.

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