French Silver Cuckoo Marans !!!

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    NEW French Silver Cuckoo Flock !
    I have culled hard to get these birds, and the effort has shown.
    Up for sale is 1 doz French silver Cuckoo hatching eggs.

    I am still working on trying to get better photos of the birds/eggs and chicks, but the light here is not cooperating.
    Later pics will be added.
    I ship Priority, all shipments are secured in bubble wrap & double boxed.
    I advise you pick up your box at your post office to save the eggs even more shipping trauma.
    Your phone # needs to be added to the box cover so they can call your for pick up.
    I have 1 perfect cockerel over each group of 4 hens.
    So far, Fertility is 100%.
    The chicks pop out easily, as always.
    Chicks can be sexed as day olds, due to their variations in plumage.
    Shipping, is $17.85 which includes a tracking # and $50 worth of insurance.
    Shipping will begin on March 30th, and continue weekly.
    I do include extras as I have them, in case of breakage by the postal service.
    I cannot guaranty your box will arrive safe, nor your hatch, as it is far out of my control.

    Past hatches & birds can be seen here:

    Thanks for looking !
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    May 7, 2018
    Do you still breed French Silver Cuckoo Marans? I am currently trying to hatch eggs and did not know of many other people who have them in the US

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