Frequent Soft shell and yolk less eggs

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    Mar 21, 2015
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    I have two chickens and have started getting soft shelled eggs and yolk less eggs frequently (more than half of the time). I've tried a lot of things to up nutrients (added garlic to water, probiotics to water, yogurt, worms, feeding eggs, extra greens). They are acting normal and are on high quality organic feed but starting to think there is an issue with it. Ideas please?
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    Stress and loud disturbances can cause soft eggs. Keep stress down.

    If they are chronically producing them, I would look for either a reoccurring reason or would think there's something wrong with them.

    How old are they and what breeds?

    Nutritional reason are usually from vitamin deficiencies, especially D3, I would check my use by label to make sure my food isn't old, and potentially try a different brand.

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