Fresh birds in brine for 24 hours can I freeze now?


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Mar 16, 2009
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Or should I keep them in the brine for another 24? I have read here that 48 hours in the fridge to season them is what the norm is. Can I pop them in the deep freeze tonight? What do you recommend?
Thats a good idea, I didnt really think of that. I think that I will do this with the next several and see what the difference is.
Brining is about tenderness, not taste. For young Cornish X it is a lot less critical than older standard breeds. 3 or 4 hours should be plenty, even for standard breeds.

I doubt that the processor brines, but you would have to ask, of course. When you thaw, you can brine them a while after thawing, if you wish.
I agree..brining is 1 hour per pound...typical brine soulution is 1 cup kosher salt and 1 cup sugar per gallon of water...and then you can add other spices or whatever you prefer.
I use brine when I do turkey and such so I figured why not do it to the chickens too? Thats my reasoning:) I figured it wouldnt hurt any. I took them out and froze 3 and we will be eating 1 in a day or 2 so that one is in the fridge.
Where was this thread a couple of month ago?

We just made soup from our first harvest, and I have to admit it was like eating gizzard soup!! HAHA!!!

Laughing now, but would like to do it right later so thanks for the thread!!!
Many moons ago when I worked for a place that did broasted chicken, we would marinate in the salt solution overnight. I would think that would be enough time. I do that with my turkey and also pork roasts (they are so yummy that way........).

Good Luck!
I guess I should clarify what I do- not really brine. I put mine in a 50 gallon barrel of ice water and a whole box of salt for 24 hours. Not nearly the concentration of a true brine, but the salt helps break down the tissue, and keeps the water colder.

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