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    Mar 10, 2009
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    so....what i thought was going to be my least fav chix...a campine named roberta - she has laid 3 eggs for me thus far. while i have 3 total brown eggs from (???) not sure if they are all from one or not.

    so today i let them out to free range as i always do. i noticed roberta singing a loud so and not the egg song. but really loud. i made a nest box for outside the coop just in case. she was going in and out for about 1 hour then started pacing along the fence like she wanted back to the coop. so i rounded them up and put them in.

    went in for a bit then back to check and see if she laid her egg. heard the egg song so i went running to the coop. opened the lid and boom...i freshly laid egg with the bloom still wet.

    how exciting. but i wanted to witness her laying it.

    maybe next time.
    so proud i knew what was about to happen as my pullets just started laying this week.
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