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    Aug 11, 2010
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    I'm going to be taking one of my pullets to my children's school next week for Science Fair Presenters night. Though I'm a meteorologist by profession, the National Weather Service will already have a booth there, so I decided to put together an agricultural science display to educate about the joys/benefits of backyard chickens. My 6 month old pullet, Chickie, will be a perfect side kick, because she is so laid back and easy going around people. My question though is, short of giving her a bath, is there a way I could "freshen her up" for the event? Normally, I think the birds smell good, but it's been so cold/snowy/wet recently that I guess you could say they have that "wet dog" smell (or "wet chicken"). Could I dust her with baking soda? Is that a stupid idea? Any suggestions?
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    give her a warm bath and blowdry her,she willl love it [​IMG]
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