Friendly Cockerels to Good Home


5 Years
Aug 7, 2014
Berkeley, CA
Hatched 6 weeks ago, and hand-raised on organic soy-free feed. They are extremely friendly and hop into your lap. They are easy to catch while out and about and are comfortable around children and dogs.

This ad is for rehoming only as I can just as easily eat them myself when they are big enough. I'm hoping that someone will appreciate them as the sweet pets they are and place them with a happy and healthy flock so I don't have to do the deed.

Cockerel #1: Katsu
This is a Ameraucana/Rhode Island Red cross. He is the largest of the three available birds, and the most active. He would make a very good rooster for a layer flock or large breed birds, and has the potential to produce Olive Egger offspring.

Cockerel #2: Frankie
He is a Mille Fleur D'Uccle cross based on the roosters in the parent flock and his obvious featehred feet and beard. He is my favorite of the three. He is very friendly and curious and loves to nap in my arms. His tail is coming in an iridescent black with gold lacing around the edge. He might also develop the Mille Fleur mottling with his adult feathers in a few more months. He will likely remain somewhat smaller than the normal full size rooster.

Cockerel #3: Bittie
This is a black polish crossed with a Mille Fleur D'Uccle rooster. He is a little shy, but happy to eat treats right out of my hand, and docile enough for a 5 year old child to pick him up and cuddle him. He is all black and has a really cute little tuft on his head from the polish side, and fabulously feathered feet from the D'Uccle.

They are available for $10 each or $25 for all three. The cost is only to cover what I have put into them in feed and electricity so far. I am also open to trade(birds, books, labor, etc.).

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