Friends and family make fun....


11 Years
Nov 10, 2008
Dallas, TX
Why is it that everyone that finds out that I have chickens (and chicks in the house right now) has to make fun of me? They especially think I'm nuts b/c I don't raise them for meat. DH took a picture last night of me and one of my roos. I guess I should know better than to show non chicken people. One guy at work said he can't wait for me to start dressing them up and having tea parties with them. Grrrr

I'll let them have their fun now, but when the girls start laying I will be the one laughing when they all want eggs...

Here's me and Zeus...

Me too. Us BYC people will have very fun obituaries: "Buff Hooligans, LOVED CHICKENS"

Let other people have boring hobbies!
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My neighbor likes to make BBQ jokes about my ducks.

I, in return, ask him how many boxes of Stove Top his min pin would take and would she fit on the spit.

We have a good laugh and I go back to my duck molesting and he rides his Min Pin in the bicycle basket around his property.
I hate that too... why crazzy chicken lady??? Why not interesting/mysterious chicken lady???????

I really hate that guys make fun of my husband for actually liking our chickens. Grrrrr.

makes me want to kick 'em in 'da nuts... ooopps... did i say that?

Poor guy... he's just trying to make his wife happy!!! Pgthghthththth!
I get raised eyebrows too. But not so much from people here in the small country town as the city folks. Everyone has their own little quirks.

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