Frist Day In Run.


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Feb 25, 2010
Milledgeville GA.
I will be lettting my twentysix 7 week old chickens out into the run today. There will be lots of goodies. It is in a shady wooded area of my yard with hardware cloth top and with 2 ft of it on each side of fence and 2 feet extended out on ground on each side of fence. I have 2 ?s.

1. Have I pretty much secured my fence?

2. Will my chicks go back to eatting their regular food after the goodies are gone in the run? I plan on putting sand down when they eat it up and it is just dirt left.

By the way I will have pictures later.
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Nov 27, 2008
Glen St Mary, Florida
You'll know if your pen is secure tomorrow morning when you go out to check on your chickens. Once the goodies are gone,yes the chickies will reluctantly go back to eating their regular feed, they cant help not to, they are walking stomachs lol. Make sure they have fresh water too. Good Luck!

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