Frizzle growing back feathers after roster?


5 Years
Apr 27, 2016
My two year old frizzle has lost half of her feathers due to our frizzle roster, whom she grew up with. We got them both along with another roster last fall and the other roster died during the winter. She had all her feathers when we got her but in the last few months our roster Frank has been attacking her wanting to mate, even when she was broody and on eggs (none of the eggs hatched). If we git rid of him, (we have two new 3 month old rosters) would her feathers grow back? and would she be able to survive the winter?
Advice? Help?
With most rooster damage, you won't see full regrowth of feathers until she molts this fall. She may get a few back though, depending on how many were plucked vs. broken. Rooster damage typically results in mostly broken feathers, meaning that the body doesn't sense that the feather has been damaged as the base of the shaft is still intact.

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