Frizzle passed away, unknown causes? Please help.

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    I have a frizzle bantam, she is about 3 years old, the past week I have noticed her not being very active, sleeping a lot, and just following me around. But she has been eating and drinking normally, I noticed last night she had a lice on her, so I gave her a bath with dial soap and a little white vinegar. In the bath she was perfectly fine, it was luke warm, she just stood there while I washed her, afterwards I dried her off, with a towel and a blow dryer. Then she ate some blueberries (her fave) and I went to sit with her in the bathroom, which I put a heater in for her, she seemed fine, just tired, she kept falling asleep. It did seem after her bath she was kind of tipping over, almost loosing her footing, I thought that may of just been from her bath.

    I closed the door and turned off her light at about 9:45 because she was sleeping, around 12:30 for some odd reason I woke up, went and checked on her. her little feet were parted from under her so she was laying on her belly with her head down, I thought she may have passed but she was still breathing, I started to pet her and a few minutes later, she twitched a little, layed her head down, closed her eyes and passed away.

    When I was giving her a bath I did notice she seemed like she had lost weight, her comb seemed small and shrunk down, and under her seemed VERY boney. Just the night before she was walking around, and talking to us.

    Has anyone heard of anything like this? I feel so bad, she was one of my favorite girls, I am hoping when I get home she will just pop out of the box I put her and be alive, but thats obviously not the case. I would just like to prevent something like this in the future.
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    Lice, mites or any bugs that suck blood out of the bird will drain the life right out of them. Kills them. They can only take so much of lice before they die. So sorry about your baby.

    However if she had lice, or any bugs, I would check the rest of your flock because many times if one has them, so do the others. Dust them all, or bathe them depending on what type of bugs they may have. If you use dust for mites, you may have to redust a week later to get rid of any eggs that may have hatched.

    Here is a good article you can read about all these nasty bugs and what to do about them...

    So sorry. [​IMG]

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