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    Nov 29, 2016
    I have a frizzle that came to me bald due to an incident with a rooster. I have 5 chickens all different breeds that all came together on or around October 31, the frizzle has always been the bully. Well her plumage was finally growing back nicely. This morning when I went out to hang with the girls , my frizzle was bloody and bald. I live on the east coast, so it's getting cold and I can't really separate my flock. Any suggestions will help. Also do I need to clean up the frizzle
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    Jul 24, 2016
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    Yeah I would clean the wounds. If it's getting colder the they'll be spending more time in the coop. So there will be more poop and dirt in there that might cause an infection. If you can you could put her in a pet carrier at night and move her into your basement where it's warm and let her out on nice days. You can bo18% purina feather fixer that might help her regrow her feathers quickly.
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