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May 25, 2009
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what do you cross with a frizzle to get more frizzles? I know it's not another frizzle. Does the other chicken need to be close in size?:
I have some frizzle EE eggs right now, and I had a frizzled EE hen - she was bantam size. I know there are standard frizzle cochins, and I don't think it matters what breed you cross with. (But don't take my word on that one - I'm not an expert!). You can have frizzle polish... The frizzle gene is 50/50 - you may or may not get the frizz on a chick. So, Have fun!!
I too am interested in frizzling, I've only got rd bantam frizzles and would like to get some standard frizzles but where and how? My only two roos are the bantam red frizzles. What would the chickens look like crossed to my standart BO's, SLW's and the other 6 breeds I have?

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