From Central TX and looking for loving home for my amazing rooster


9 Years
Oct 3, 2010
Hi I'm a former member, someone on here sent me some hurtful messages once and I never came back. I have a new username.

I have this amazingly wonderful beautiful rooster, he's about 9 months old, and weighs about 12 lbs. He is a Welsummer mix. I've had him since he was 4 weeks old. I adore him to death. He's the kindest rooster you could ever meet, he's never bitten me or pecked at me, ever. I can just sit around loving him up all I like. He's so sweet to his ladies. I love him sooooo much, did I say that already?

Unfortunately I actually live somewhere where I'm theoretically in a grey area about having a backyard rooster. My mother's boyfriend moved in to her apartment and I was kind of pressured into letting him put a pigeon coop on my property. My rooster is so unhappy about this that he's crowing incessantly all day. My neighbors have never said anything about the roo to me. However, I fear with his new pattern of crowing, I WILL have a problem on my hands. It can potentially be a $300 fine and a property lien.

My dad, who is unhappy that my mother's bf is on and off my property, so maybe he's a bit biased, thinks I should keep the roo roo and send the pigeon coop packing instead. However I know that won't be a reality.

I was interested in rehoming him to a rooster-friendly home/community in Central TX. I insist that it be a no-kill home, where he'd be treated as the beautiful amazing pet he's been raised as, and not for food. I'm receiving some really hurtful messages on Craig's List with people making cruel jokes about killing him, so I don't think I'll be able to go that route.

Please PM me if you think you could help me out. Thank you so much.
I rehomed two roosters using craigslist, and I did get a lot of useless horrible people respond, but I also found a couple good folks too! They each offered to let me come out to see where the roos would be living, and talked to me a lot about how they had been raised so far, and wanted pictures galore. One family that took a barred plymouth rock wanted him so their son could start a 4H breeding project. The other family had 9 black australorp hens, and then the wife decided that she wanted to hatch chicks someday after all and they were really happy to find the BA roo I had. And they are keeping in touch with me, have even sent pictures, and I'll be getting some chicks from each of them next spring! It might take some time, but you may also want to contact a local 4H group to see if any of their kids would want him.
How hard to give up this beautiful pet. Do you think that he will settle down when he gets used to the pigeons? I too offer you encouragement in finding him a home. I was directed by the local animal rescue group that there was someone in my community that took unwanted chickens (not for killing). He was a wonderful man who said he would take my "problem chicken" male for female. Best of luck!

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