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Jun 27, 2011
Hi there!
I thought I'd post something here. I live in Connecticut, but I was born and raised in Finland. I've been here for about 11 years now. I work as an assistant trainer/barn manager/instructor for a non-profit rescue farm. Horses have been my life since I was 8 years old.
Late summer of 2010 I got my first chickens, 2 black Silkie hens. I got them for pets. I really didn't know anything about chickens but I thought they were facinating and I ended up with two more chicks, one turned out to be a rooster. One of my black hens sat on some eggs this summer and now I have a bunch more Silkies. Hatching my own chicks was very exciting! :D

For right now, my chickens are my pets. They're all kinds of colors, mostly blacks and black splashes. Maybe some day I'll get a nice individual to show and get more involved with the show & breeding world of chickens, but for right now I'm happy with my freerange backyard chickens. They make me laugh, every day! :)

Here is a picture of my handsome rooster Curly (I think he's handsome)

And the chicks from the summer with "mom" Chicken Little.
Great Pictures
Great Pictures

Thank you :)
I worked for a portrait studio for a good year and photography has been a dear hobby of mine ever since I was a kid. I like photographing animals more than people, that's for sure.
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Heya Sanna, we talked before lol. It's nice see there are farms that still rescue/adopt animals, many of these farms today you rarely see anymore.

Ever drink kilju before? I used to know a Finnish guy who used to make it and sell it lol...
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