From Famine To Feast


9 Years
Dec 18, 2010
Como, TX
I got an incubator several days ago and set it up to make sure everything was stable. During this time, I have been trying to make up my mind as to where I should get eggs. I hear so much about eggs being damaged in the mail. I wanted to pick up eggs in person if I could. Today I fell into 2 great deals. Both from BYCers that live very close to me. One of them had sold me the chickens that I have right now. I went to visit today to ask if she knew anyone that would sell me some eggs to test the new bator. She said she would sell me a dozen, but most of them would be Yokahamas with a few brown egg layers. She let me have them for 10 bucks! When I got home, there was a PM here from the other lady that I had talked to about eggs, saying she had 2 dozen Easter Eggers if I wanted them. 27 bucks for them. All 36 are in the incubator right now. This has been a wonderful day.

I hope each of you have had one just as good.
Hehe, my day's been ok too! finally got my bator stabalized, and got my eggs in the mail today... all 200 of them
Will be putting them in tomorrow though... can't wait for babies!!

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