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Apr 30, 2013
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I decided I wanted a medium sized coop to house our 8 chicks. We have 4 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Goldstars, 1 Silver Laced Cochin, and 1 Australorp. I really wanted something original and creative so I decided to convert a wooden playset into my coop and run. So far, It has been pretty easy...all things considered. Attached are a few pics. I basically cut the playset down and used the extra pieces to construct the run. I did have to buy a few pieces at the hardware store but for the most part I've re-purposed most of the structure. I did want to retain a memory of the playset so I used the main swing beam as the top beam of the run. It has a plaque on it that has the manufacturer information and says "Rainbow Playset". I also retained the swing mounting brackets as well. Updates will follow and pictures of the progress will follow as well.

I am looking for ventilation techniques and ideas. My fear is that when temps heat up to 110, the coop will need some ventilation. For the chickens and the poop!

The original playset...

All of the pieces were disassembled and painted. Since the material is Redwood, it took two coats of primer to get the wood white.

The structure was preassembled in the shop to make sure we had everything before setting it up at the house. This allowed for some measurements to be taken.

James helps out daddy...

No roof yet...

The frame of the run is almost complete. It just needs a few tweaks. The yard space is really limited so there are building supplies EVERYWHERE!

Thanks for following!


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May 28, 2014
Thanks so much for your pictures. I am trying to do something similar. Yesterday I found a free payset similar to yours for the sole purpose of building a coop. My wife is trying to get me to put things together so we also have functional swings. I cut the long horizontal off and use that for a freestanding swing and use the base as a coop similar (though not a pretty) as yours. How did you do the interior of yours? I am still thinking about how to do the coop. My max. chickens will be 6.
Thanks again

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