From two normal quails we got a white chick. How often does this happen?

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  1. Our normal buttons laid 9 eggs and today 9 hatched. To our surprise one chick looks like its a white chick.
    We have had silvers before and this chick is different it is way more yellow. So I looked up chick colors and it looks just like the white one pictured.
    We also have had a lot of luck with this breeding pair, as all her chicks have come out female. Never a male ever and now this little white chick.
    From breeding button quail for along time you usually get more males than females.
    This is all very freaky to me as this is the first time I have gotten a spontaneous mutation like that.
    Has anyone else ever had this happen to them and how often does this happen?
    Will post pictures as soon as they are all out of the nesting hut and running around the aviary.
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    Oct 10, 2012
    Seems like you may have a recessive gene from past generations!
    I've only had this happen once, and that is because I've only incubated once.

    My coturnix quail were a trio of roux dilutes (a light brown in colour), and when I hatched the chicks, I got 2 whites, 3 roux dilute/white mutations, 3 browns and 3 roux dilutes. I guessed because the breeder I got my old trio from also sold a variety of colours like tuxedo's, cinnamons, etc. which is where I believe the chicks colours came from.

    (In the incubator)


    (In the brooder)
    This one you can see a brown, a roux dilute, a white and a roux dilute mutation.
  3. Wonderful pictures! If that's a white in the front, that is the colour of ours.
    I have never had this happen, in years of breeding now.
    If it's a normal pair. they came out normal. If a silver pair, silver babies. Never had a surprise like this.
    As you said it must be a recessive gene.
    I am going to keep this chick for sure.
    I usually sell them off to an aviary pet shop, but he or she will be a keeper.
    Hard to find unusual coloured buttons here.
    I saw a pair of white only once and they wanted over a hundred for them.

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