Frostbite feet on duck

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  1. Cochinwomen

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    Feb 1, 2009
    Milaca, MN
    I am new to this website and Ihave some questions about my duck.

    I have a muscovy duck and her feet are frostbitten and curled.
    Her feet are a greyish blackish color, but just her toes.
    I was wondering if I have any chance of her surving without paying tons of money?
    This is one of my most important ducks, shes my breeder duck and gives wonderful babies.

  2. *Bump*
    Sorry, I can't answer your question. I've never delt w/frostbite on a duck. I didn't know that could happen. [​IMG] I will be interested in an answer for you since I plan on getting Muscovies in the near future. And [​IMG]
    Someone with more knowledge will hopefully PM you or answer this pretty soon.
  3. Cochinwomen

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    Feb 1, 2009
    Milaca, MN
    Thank you
  4. Mrs MIA

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    Mar 3, 2008
    Every duck we had that got frostbitten feet died. [​IMG] They kept getting in their water, then standing in the snow. Not the brightest bulbs in the box. So I can't really say if they'll survive or not, but I'm guessing not.
  5. Mojo Chick'n

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    We had one when I was a kid (muscovy) whose feet got frostbitten/frozen and fell off - and the thing survived!! It had nubs and it hobbled all over the place, but it got along ok.

    I am sure that this was highly unusual, though, as I imagine most would get infections from walking in poo and anything else they might pick up on the ground while healing.

    He lived for three years after his feet came off, but he got accidently drowned in the pool one summer. We usually kept him out of the pool - one of those kiddie pools (no feet, no paddling, he listed to the side, then couldn't put himself upright) but my brother forgot to empty the pool that evening, and he was out bright and early the next morning, and ready to swim, I guess. Poor little guy.

    I would say that if yours does survive (and his feet fall off) make sure he has no access whatsoever to pools or ponds, unless you put him in a tub with maybe an inch or two of water and supervise him.

    good luck

  6. ShadyGlade

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    I have had this experience with Muskovy ducks in the past. To prevent it always be certain that your ducks have a place to be off of snow or frozen grownd in very cold weather. The vet shouldn't be necessary however until fully healed the areas need to be kept from refreezing. Yes unfortunately that means out of the weather. Frost bitten tissue is extremely cold sensitive and more prone to frost bite the normal (unfrost bitten tissue). Good Luck.

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