Frostbite, scaly leg mites, or....?


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Mar 25, 2014
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One of my EE hens came up limping this weekend. When I nabbed her it looked as if she was missing a couple of toes, and had one that was partially severed. After cleaning her feet up I removed the partially severed toe the rest of the way with a scalpel, and it looks like her toes may have been frostbit over the very bitter winter we had and I hadn't noticed since she is definitely not the tamest of my flock.

What I'm concerned about is the scales on her legs look a little rough and lifted, possibly the start of a scaly leg mite infestation? Any chance this is just irritation/swelling from the frost bite? I've been thoroughly reading scaly leg mite threads here for the past hour, but since I've never seen it in person before I don't feel qualified enough to say yay or nay on the diagnosis. Thoughts?

Frost bit toe;

After some quick home surgery;

And THIS is what I saw that worries me;

I rounded up a bunch of my friendly flock members with the rattle of a treat can and checked everyone elses feet and legs out and they looked fine, but there are a fair number of not-so-tame chickens who were not falling for that nonsense, so I will have to check them out once they roost for the night. Long story short - at this time I'm not sure if she is the only one with leg scales like this, or not.
So I managed to round up all my skittish chooks and inspected their legs. No one else has the raised scales bit going on. In which case, I'm leaning towards the thinking that this girl's raised leg scales have something to do with the frost bite? I'd still really love a second opinion though.

She is doing great, by the way. Walking much better and acting normal. I've got her separated with some younger pullets and she seems to be enjoying playing 'momma'.

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