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    So, a few weeks back I had seen some black at the tips of my Brown Leghorn Roo's Comb. I kept an eye on it for two weeks with no change. Now it’s allot colder here and last night I came out to see the flock and my Roo had more black then before and now is also bleeding. I took the time to make a few quick changes to the coop, Like added plastic all the way around the run to brake the North winds and added 6" pine shavings to the floor plus I also added a heat lamp to help brake the Chill.

    What I need to know, Is there something I can do for him to heel up better/faster? Will the comb shed skin to make the black from frostbite go away? I feel treble for them and I thought that they would be ok in the coop cuz its rather well air tight but I open there door at 5am and I'm not home till after 10:30pm most nights so I only guess that they got it from being out during the day in the cold wind.

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    Some folks put vaseline on the combs to prevent frostbite. Once it turns black the black part may fall off, from what I have read.

    I haven't tried the vaseline though.
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    HELP!!!! I was just about to start a new post on the exact same thing! I'm wondering if they will heal after frostbite, or will the black area's fall off and they look horrible from then on?
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    Yep the black will sluff off ( is that a word ?) But they do seem to heal looks awful. Trya light or heated water base , the combo of the two helps.
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