Fruit fly trap that works! New photos


May 26, 2011
Roanoke County, Virginia
I have been fighting fruit flies, unsucessfully I am afraid. I made a vinegar trap, bought traps that turned out to be vinegar traps, put everything in the refrigerator (usually keep some of our thick skinned fruits and onions/garlic out until they get cut open.

Nothing worked. Traps were useless.

So today, I cut open a cantaloupe. In an instant a fruit fly was buzzing it. Hmmm....

I ate my fruit and then poured the remaining juice into a small glass plus a little water, added 3 drops of dish soap and stirred it with my finger to prevent forming bubbles.

It already has three dead fruit flies! :lol: yippee!!

Forego the vinegar and use fruit juice!
Now that is thinking outside the box. Great idea.
I used a cider vinegar trap last week and in 4 days cleared my kitchen of fruit flies completely. At least once I figured out their source - an old bottle of wine that I was trying to make red wine vinegar out of, the top had gotten knocked off.
The homemade and store bought vinegar traps did not do well for me at ALL.

I made a slight change last evening when I discovered my DH's last banana was going overripe. Photos below!

I did not know there were this many! Only ever saw one or two at a time... This was in just 15 hours! Compare that to the 5 I caught in a week with the vinegar trap....

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