Frustrated..Not sure what else to do?

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    Mar 27, 2011
    Phoenix, Arizona
    I have posted up a few times and talked to a few fellow members about what to do with one of my bantam hens, She has been sick for about 2 weeks, she has what seems like to me a respiratory infection. She has been on duramyin for about 2 weeks now, I feel like I have tried anything and am not getting results:

    -She is less than a year old
    -Has no mites, lice or anything ( I have been checking)
    -We did the gape worm test twice, the second time a little something came back up but just looked like feed (It was not red at all like gapeworm)
    -She has been inside where its warm for about 2 weeks, I change her bedding all of the time
    -When we first found her sick, she was stretching her neck and wheezing, now its just the wheezing and sneezing that she has
    -She is still very altert, playful, LOVES to eat, I dont see her drinking much but that doesnt say much since she is so small, she is even going outside and dust bathing
    -And now when I pick her up it feels like when she breaths there is almost a pop, almost like she has bronchitis or something within the same lines
    -We also purchased a vaporizor and I turn it on at night for her

    I need help about what to do next, I have been told to get tylan, with that do I get the soluble tylan offline? Or do I get the injections for cattle in the feed stores?

    -What should I be feeding her? She still gets feed, she gets lettuce every night and blueberries < Her favorite!

    -Her poop is normal, besides sometimes being dark from too many blueberries

    I think I have listed everything under the sun, does anyone have any imput? I hate to keep away from the flock, we just built a new coop and i would love to have her into it with the rest of the girls!

    Here is a photo I took of her yesterday:
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    I wish I could help you and your sweet looking girl. I have never needed Tylan but I would do a search on this site for Tylan and see what others have done. I sure hope she gets well! [​IMG]
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    May 28, 2011
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    She looks so good though. Aside from keeping her bedding relatively clean, if it is too dry and dusty, that can make breathing more laboured. Maybe try using fabric, towels, etc as bedding material for a few days to see if it makes a difference. I've never given Tylan before so I don't know what to use. I imagine the injection for cattle is gonna be way too much for a chook. Go for the powder stuff and you may be able to mix it with her blue berries instead of relying on her to drink it in her water.
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    Mar 27, 2011
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Trust me I know!! She is such a sweet girl! She has a sister that looks just like her but is red, Maybe i will try the towels! We did have shavings in for her but switched to straw, maybe she doesnt like it!

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