Frustrated with new design-please help with marking topics as read


10 Years
Sep 1, 2009
Big Clifty
I have watched the video, maybe I missed it. I go into forums and click "new posts" which brings up 16 pages of new posts since my last visit. After looking through those pages, I clicked "mark forums as read" which marked all 16 pages as read. I exited the internet and went back in to see if it worked. I clicked on "new posts" and it brings up the same 16 pages. On the old site, I just clicked "show new posts since last visit" and then when I was done, I clicked "mark as read". Then when I would come back, I did the same thing and got the new posts. How do I do that now?

ETA: I think I figured it out. There will always be the same amount of pages, but the new posts will be on the first page or however many new posts you have to read. I thought we had to search through all of the 16 pages everytime to find the new posts, but it looks like they are the ones that pop up on the first page.
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