FS Cochin eggs in SC-SOLD!


The Crazy Chicken Lady
Apr 22, 2008
upstate SC
I have a dz + extras of standard Cochins. They are a mixed color flock. I have a birchen roo in with a black hens, a splash hen and partridge hens.
I am getting some really cute chicks for pets or laying. They make such good mamas and broody hens.

This is BC, the roo.....


Here is the splash hen.......


And one of the Partridge hens........


I don't have a photo of the black hens but they are much nicer than these two and very black in color.

Shipping is costing me $15 and I will sell this dz+ for $10 so it would be $25 all together.
They are ready to go out today and I will collect up to the point of shipping.
I have PayPal.
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you really have some nice chickens there and the rooster is great. If I could I would sure garb that dozen.

I also have white bantam Cochins but am not selling my eggs at this time. I have a bunch of chicks recently hatched from them to build my flock back up. I sold out too many last year.


From the looks of what I have seen from her flocks.She has some top grade chickens. I hope to see them soon

I hope to see both of you soon!

I have several nice flocks of different breeds but only sell so many. Some I play with for fun and some I seriously try to improve.

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