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Sep 18, 2008
I am selling a flock of blue and black Cochins. I have a blue rooster, three blue pullets, and three black hens as well as younger birds in blue, black, and splash. I am hoping to find someone interested in breeding these birds, but any good home would be great. The birds are of good breeding and the price negotiable.

These are standard birds. I can ship, but it gets fairly expensive with birds this size. I do have a few younger birds I could send out if you are interested.
I have a friend in NE IN who may be looking for Cochins
I sent her an email with a link to this thread.
Hope you two can do a deal - she has a lovely farm.
I am located between Detroit and Toledo, OH. I will also be travelling to northern MI (going right through Mt. Pleasant) in about two weeks.
I am really trying to find someone who wants to breed these birds as they are the result of a lot of years of effort (not mine, I purchased them). I have put this decision off for about 3 months, but need room for my Brahma and Shamo.
I am also willing to meet someone with the birds, and the price is negotiable.
I don't know what to offer, I don't have much money. I would definitely breed them. But like I said I just had to turn down 2 bantams I wanted because they were 25.00 , I don't have much to offer
let me know what you think
Hello. This is my first post when I saw this ad. I live in SE MI and am interested in these cochins. I would like to find out more information. Please let me know if these birds are still available, from who you obtained your original stock from and an asking price.
Thank you.
The price on the Cochins is negotiable. I am much more concerned in finding someone who is interested in giving them a good home and carrying on this bloodline.
Feel free to pm me for more details about the birds and I will send you my contact info.

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