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    Not sure is this is an appropriate place to post this......At Dr's orders, I am also selling out my cockatiel hobby and am a ACS member. Currently have the most awesome trio of breeding cockatiels (not banded). They consistently raise 4-6 babies per clutch, and raise 3-4 clutches a year. They are supplemented with soluble calcium in water, along with treats, fruit loops, goldfish crackers and doritos when they are good. One cinn pied F, one grey pied F, one pied M. They have raised lutinos, pearls, white-faces - about everything except pastels. These are BIG birds, not large parakeets!! Females are hand tamed, male is not and would prefer not to be! He will willingly ride on a dowel to whereever you want to place him, but not on your finger.

    They are currently raising their most recent clutch, and in about 3 weeks will be ready to sell. They would have to go together, and this truly is a family affair! This trio is well-worth $200 as a set, not including shipping. I would consider shipping, have never shipped cockatiels, but understand that it's safe and easy.

    I have two young from their last clutch, and of course, the 3 that they will be weaning.

    If you are local, I will consider selling their large cage, a two-tier breeding cage on wheels, and I have a big new HQ cage, also. Too many toys, accessories, to count!!
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    Jan 17, 2009
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    I *really* want a hen...any color. I'm in PA! If there's anyway you can get one to me I'd take a hen. how much are they?

    I'm in NE PA so tell me if you or anyone can ever bring one over to me...lol.

    P.S. I have a great male and would like a hen for him.
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