FS-Ga Fill Your Bator Special until tomorrow at 5pm SOLD

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12 Years
Apr 29, 2007
I have over 40 eggs i need to ship saturday.

17 Standard Cochin (Splash & Black roo on Black, Blue, Splash, Silver Laced hens) Good chance for BBS from these

5 Surprise eggs, I have some silkies and bantam cochins in one pen, hens are Black, Columbian and White silkie, plus a Houdan mix hen, roos are Partridge Silkie, Lemon Blue Cochins, Blue Birchen Silkie/Cochin Cross

5 Turkey eggs, Bronze and Red Pencil Palm over Bronze

6 Bantam Cochin eggs Show Quality (mottled, White and Barred)

8 Orpington some from my Buffs and some from my Blues

$30 shipped

If not bought by 5 tomorrow, I guess I will cook them and feed to the chickens.

Paypal to [email protected]

PM me and post sold
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Life is not fair I tell ya!

When I have the money I don't have the room, when I have the room I have no money!!
What part of Ga are you in?
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