Fun Practice Guesses (Pure and Mix)


Mar 19, 2020
South-Eastern Montana
While not pictured, it's interesting to find all the chicks from Female A x Male 2 had full feathered legs, while the two from Female B x Male 2 had less that 3 singular down tufts between each pair of legs, but had larger muffs than those from pair Female A x Male 2

How this was possible for Female B to have 2 fathers to her chicks is that she was with Male 1 for 2 weeks after being with Male 2 since she began laying. Her eggs were collected while she had DNA from both males still stored for fertilization. While for backyard flocks this can be fun to not know who the father is, it proves that in specific breeding pens that you need to wait a month before introducing a new male to guarantee the chicks will be his alone.

Because Mother B is a sexlink (Calico Princesses are a red sexlink created from a red colored male and a white colored female), she will not produce only certain types of chicks. In theory there is as much chance of different colors as if she were an ordinary Easter Egger.

In my Experience, Naked Necks pass on their signature trait as a dominant trait.


Apr 28, 2016
New York
Going Clockwise:
A: (naked neck, reddish down) Female B x Male 1
B: (Light Grey down, muffs) Female B X Male 2
C: (Dark Grey down) Female A x Male 2
D: (Silver down) Female A x Male 2
E: (Dark Grey down) Female A x Male 2
F: (Naked Neck, reddish down) Female B x Male 1
G: (Black down) Female A x Male 2
H: ( Dark Grey down) Female A x Male 2
I: (Reddish down, light brown markings, muffs) Female B x Male 2
Could you put the letter by each chick? I can't figure out who's who. :oops:

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