Fungus Or Mold On Comb!


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I think my RIR's might have mold of fungus on their combs! How do I treat this?
We just had two weeks of rain and I am very concerned....
Does anyone know how to treat?
UMMMMM, we need a picture cause it could be something else~ How long has she had it? how old is the chicken?

probally fowl pox! misquitos carry it, runs it's course. But a picture would confirm or rule out~
In your area, I would my first thought would be fowl pox, my second is favus. What color are the spots? Here is some info on favus:


Extracted From:

A Pocket Guide to
Poultry Health

By Paul McMullin
Click Here to
Order Your Copy
A fungal infection, Trichophyton gallinae, of chickens and turkeys. It is very rare in commercial poultry production.


White, powdery spots and wrinkled crusts and scab on comb and wattles.
Feather loss.
'Honeycomb' skin.
Thick crusty skin.
Loss of condition.
Post-mortem lesions

See signs (above).
Lesions, isolation.

Formalin in petroleum jelly.

Good hygiene of facilities, culling affected birds.
My two girls that have this are going on 26 weeks old.... both of their combs are folded over... I am downloading the pics they let me take... not sure how good they will come out.
they have the white and black spots....
They have been laying pretty regular since 9-2-09

thanks everyone for all your help.... Pictures coming shortly
Im totally posting on this one! I had the same? problem a month or so ago and did not get a real answer on this. My girl is still seperated from the pack. Im hoping your photo will look like my girl ( actually only hoping to find out what it may be) this way I can determine the next course of treatment~
The only thing I can really see is the white dot on the roosters bottom wattle? that looks like a round white fungus/mold thing-it does look like the stuff on my girl-she is a 100% ameracauna and her comb is has them not her wattle?? Il try and post photos tomorrow too so we can compare??
snow123... I also belong to the Atlant Backyard Chickens group and someone told me to look at my coop to see if it had mold and sure enough it does....
I have been keeping it extra clean by removing poop and making sure they have a stainless steel bowl to drink out of...
My wonderful husband and I are going to build another coop!... We had used old wood that may have been holding water, ect.
This is what the coop looks like...


This is what it is going to look like....


We will make sure it has air going all around it.... I will post a picture when the coop is completed at the end of the month.
very nice! sorry about the mold. The other day my DH and I were trying to winterize some of the coops and he had the great Idea of using recycled kitchen cuboards-we have used these before and they worked great. The ones he picked out had mold growing in them from being in storage to long and I said no way thast mold-he said cant you bleach them? I said sure "I could" but Im not going to! Im not taking any chances of it growing back. That sucks-we used newer spotless cuboards for nesting boxes. It is so very hard to keep the coops clean-especially towards and in winter-I worry all the time and clean all the time..It will never be as clean as I like but them again I want to eat off the floors clean all the time and that will NEVER happen! If you do find out about the little white spot on yoru roos wattle let me know Ive been studying up and and I cannot find a specif photo of what mine looks like but your roos wattle looks like my AMeracaunas comb!
Hello everyone. I'm hoping you can help. I just noticed this morning one of my girls has scabs all over her comb and around her eye area. She seems fine other than that. I checked the rest ofthe flock and 1 other seems to have similar scabs, just not as many. Any thoughts on what it is & how to treat?? Thanks so much.

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